Are you an ‘innie’ or an ‘outie’

With the forthcoming european ‘Brexit’ vote the question most people in the UK are being asked is are you ‘in’ or are you ‘out’.

The questions is multi-layered and has many complexities but at its heart I believe its about democracy and control. In many ways I agree with Simon Wardely’s synopsis with regards the democracy issue. We are being rulds by an unelected body, a body which I have seen make some cray decisions and which seems inflexible and intolerant of the British people and the British way of life.

I do not agree however with Wardely’s view on immigration which is one of the two key issues at the heart of the question. Most of the sound minded I speak with are totally for immigration in a controlled way. It is good for business, good for the country and Britain has a history of welcoming immigrants. However, uncontrolled immigration is a recipe for disaster. It impacts on all public services, particularly the health service, which just cannot cope. Having open borders where mass amounts people come and go at will is just no sustainable at an infrastructure and economic level. In people’s minds this is exacerbated by the inability to control borders or stop / evict criminals who have entered into the UK, unchecked. The EU ‘Human Rights’ argument for criminals who have committed a particular heinous crime but cannot be evicted due to their ‘human rights’ sticks in everyone’s craw.

I personally do not see any of this being resolved if we stay in Europe. In fact I can see it getting worse, being ruled and controlled from afar with increasingly crazy laws and infrastructure that cannot cope. One only has to look at Greece to understand how quickly a country can be wrecked.

The increasingly dirty tactics of the IN campaigners led by David Cameron have, if anything, strengthened my resolve. Instead of having a genuine debate Cameron and his cronies are trying to simply steal the vote. Put enough FUD out there and some it will stick

When the day comes I will be voting ‘out’. It ¬†does not mean I am anti-european, it just means I am pro-British and pro-democracy.



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